Earn More

Earn More Money from Your Website/Blogs

Many Publishers and internet marketers do not believe that you can earn more from your website/blogs as compared to Adsense. Even you can make dollars multiple times more than Google Adsense. We already committed to paying our publishers at high CPM rate, so let`s tell you how you can make more money online with sisterads.

How Much You can Earn?:

I believe you have already got experience with many ad networks and disappointed because of their low CPM rate. We offer up to $20 USD CPM to our premium publishers.

Who can become a premium publisher:

  1. Your publisher account must be one month older with a good rating.
  2. The publisher must be received at least the payment of amount $200 USD.
  3. A publisher must have at least 10K traffic/day from AU, UK, US, and Canada.

Benefits of Premium Publisher:

  1. Daily Payment
  2. CPM rate $5 USD for 5K to 10K traffic (EST official time period only)
  3. CPM rate $10 USD for 10K to 20K traffic (EST official time period only)
  4. CPM rate $15 to $20 USD for more than 20K traffic (EST official time period only)


  1. Besides EST official time period, a publisher can earn up to 90% commission.
  2. If the publisher has niches like a tube, dating, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Health, Travel then you will make more money.