How to Make a Website On WordPress Step By Step Guide

How to Make a Website On WordPress Step By Step Guide

Create Website Using WordPress is as simple as you design a picture with computer paint tools. If you create a blog or website with WordPress, there is no need to know web programming language. It is very simple for beginner to easily design a good-looking website with the help of WordPress content management system. There are about 50,000 free plugins which play like extra tools to write an article, optimize the content, to promote website and give an attractive look of your website.

What Are the Needs to Create Website Using WordPress?

You Need These Two…

Website Name: Website name is your internet address, anyone can find you or your business across the world with the help of your live website. A website name is also known as a domain name. To create a website, you must register a unique name(Domain) on W3 server. There are many registrar companies which charge from $2 to $15 per year to register a website name. It is very important to know how can I buy a good website name. I have written a different and very special article on Precautions During Buy Domain Name. I recommend you to read this article before register a new domain.

I Recommend: Godaddy Domain Registrar Company

Web Hosting: A web hosting is a company which provides services, support and all other necessary things which need to make a website like Web-Server, Platform, Web Space, RAM, Bandwidth, etc. In a single web hosting plan, you can run one or more domains per your purchased plan. Example if you purchased multi-domain hosting plan then you can host unlimited websites while your web space, RAM, bandwidth and other things keep an important role in it.

There are two type of web server one is managed and other is unmanaged. I recommend a managed web server for beginner because it is very easy to setup a website without any coding. In a managed hosting, company provides cPanel which help you to control your websites while in unmanaged server you must have knowledge of server and web programming. A hosting company charge some amount per year to host your website. I have written a complete article on How to Setup Web Hosting that will help you from Zero level to top through step-by-step guide.

I Recommend: NameCheap Web Hosting Company

How to Install WordPress



I believe You have already purchased a domain and web-hosting and pointed your domain to host`s IP address (if using two different registrars and Hosting company). Now, this is time to install WordPress on your server.Create website using wordpress Web hosting cpanel guide

Login Your Host cPanel:

To install WordPress, you need to log in your hosting cPanel by typing, here is your domain name. Now, put your cPanel user name and password that has been provided by hosting company in your email address at the time of purchase hosting.

After Successful Login in cPanel:

Hope, you are walking with my steps, then I believe you are inside your web host cPanel. I can understand you can see many icons inside the panel and these are new for you. Now, look from top to bottom you can see app installer, softaculous or WordPress in software or script language section. If you got the name WordPress then it is time to click on that to install it on your server.

Important Note-

If you would like to create a database before installing WordPress then it is good for you to create while it is not necessary to create separately because at the time of installing WordPress you will be asked to choose some option in advanced to create a database along with installation.

How to Create Database Separately:

A hosting company offer unlimited databases, then it is good to host unlimited domains with same hosting cost. I recommend to create a database before installation of WordPress. To create a new database look from top to bottom you will see database section. You can click on MYSQL databases or MYSQL databases wizard, to create you need to put name of database, username, password and remember it for future use.

How to Host Multiple Websites with Single Hosting?

If you have purchased a multi-domain hosting, then you can host as many websites as you want with the same web server. To host a new domain, first, you need to add that domain in Addon domain which is under domain section, look from top to bottom you can see domain Section. I recommend creating a separate FTP account for each Addon domain.

After hitting on addon domain you need to put your new domain like and in subdomain and document root box, it automatically takes facebook and public_html/ respectively. Put user name and strong password for FTP account of that new domain name. After adding addon domain you can install WordPress with a new database in the same web hosting plan.

How to Fill the Details in WordPress Software Setup:

After Click on install option, you can see many boxes to fill out and some to select among existing. Below you can see what you should put inside the boxes, be careful during setup this.

  1. Choose Protocol- I recommend to select HTTP://
  2. Choose Domain- Select a name of the website that you would like to run with new WordPress setup.
  3. In Directory- Leave it blank
  4. Site Name- Type name of your website
  5. Site Description- Describe your website just in 4-5 words
  6. Enable Multisite- Don`t do anything
  7. Admin Username- Create strong & memorable username
  8. Fill Admin Password- Put Stronger Password, recommend alphanumeric with special characters
  9. Now fill Admin Email- Put any active email address
  10. Language- Keep English
  11. Limit Login Attempts- Don`t do anything
  12. Advanced Options- Type name of your database and leave all other options. If you have enough space in your web hosting, then you can setup back up at least once in a week.
  13. You should put any email address below to receive all details related to this installation.
  14. Before clicking on install, I recommend first click on demo on top to preview how your website looks like.
  15. Now you can click to install, it will take about 60 seconds to setup.

After successful installation of WordPress, your website will be live. To login, WordPress admin dashboard type on address bar /wp-admin after the domain name, e.g. Now, put your username and password that you have created at the time of installing WordPress.

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